Telegram Soren

Telegram Soren

Telegram Soren (adding a channel member to a group) Most professional programs to increase member and channel views and telegram API (Fick Channel’s Adad Member).

Telegram Soren

High speed and stability in false cable channel (virtual or real)
The ability to increase and at the same time or separately at the same time Be able to download all types of files in the program numbers The ability to download open or closed files for packages The ability to increase the uploaded accounts in one go Allows you to modify the engine number from 1 to 10 drives at a time One lets you set the number of channel content to visit The ability to add a channel or group visit, delete, a picture and a name on the line and start the robot and fonts in one application! The ability to schedule a program for automatic activity at the specified time or connect it to panels or other applications.

Features telegram soren

Automated devices for easy and simple task applications
Connect to other applications and panels quickly and easily
Speed ​​control and program strokes allow automatic adjustment for each cycle
Enable the picture and name of Farsi or English on the account
The possibility of increasing robots with random parameters
Provide a complete and accurate report on any operating and storage reports
Without engaging your system without the need for a mouse and keyboard
Easy to apply and use
Can be used in servers and virtual tools
Installation and compatibility with all versions of Windows
Free and permanent support and updates

Version: 1.0
Operating System: Windows
Price: $450
password: marketing spy


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