Telegram Royal

Telegram Royal

Telegram Royal (Bulk Casting and Advertising) Sending Virtualization Software and Advertising Telegram + Adding a Channel Member (Posting and Announcing)

Telegram Royal

The beginning of electronic marketing on Telegram, where you can send messages and create scheduled campaigns.

Telegram Royal 1

installation and setup needed (simple and fast)

The high speed and stability of sending a message, recording, and delivering posts are complete and accurate. You can add or save a virtual number (to send messages)
Automatic detection of errors and fixes for default fonts for defects Encryption support on default fonts (two-step verification) for the stability of your fonts Ability to send messages to all users Telegram (sending)


Send any kind of default fonts and secure mail
Storage and backup facilities for virtual lines and deployment centers
Ability to upload recipients an Excel number or a text file
It allows you to send text, image without restrictions on the size of the required subtitle
the channel, group, and individual Svprgrvh (X only group !!!)
Send a picture, description, names of your favorite channels and groups (X deleted!)
Allows you to define the virtual name and display the number for the image
The ability to adjust the transmission speed, number of bands, channel, and cap writing for each line
The ability to stop the post and stick to it
Without engaging your system without using the mouse and keyboard
Installation and compatibility with all versions of Windows and Linux
Free and permanent support and updates
And hundreds of other special features
Design and programming: Programming dedicated team and Shypvrk

Version: 1.74
Operating System: Windows
Price: $1,000
password: marketing spy


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