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How to Optimize Your Video Campaigns for Mobile

You’ve heard it again and again – multi-device optimization is no longer a “nice to have” for your marketing campaigns. Your audience expects a great experience no matter how they choose to engage with your content, so you should be prepared to present your video marketing campaigns on all mobile devices. There are many tactics at your disposal when optimizing your videos for various device screen sizes and in this post I’ll outline how you can enhance your video viewing experience, no matter what device your audience uses. Why you need to design video landing pages for mobile While destination sites like YouTube and Vimeo are already fit for mobile when it comes to video player size, if you’re serious about video marketing, you know that YouTube is only a small part of a larger video strategy and you’ll need to drive folks to your own, optimized site to convert. Since YouTube mobile lacks annotations and adds a bit of friction for viewers to read comments and look at the video desc..

Energetic Presenter

Active Presenter Active Presenter Create e-learning screens and contents. All kinds of tools needed to log in. Screen recording, software guides, video editing, e-learning games,...

Live Event Blaster

Live Event Blaster Pro Live Event Blaster This product permits you to right away make, plan and live stream many Live Events with the press...
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