Sunday, January 24, 2021
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Email marketing and marketing vs. Social Media

Email marketing vs. social media. "Email marketing is dead." "That social channel is old news." How many times have you heard phrases like this, pitting tried and true marketing channels against each other like gladiators gone to war? I know my answer: too many to count. So called ‘experts’ have a bad habit of killing off marketing channels that have been around a while in favor of the ‘latest and greatest’ tactics and tools. But there’s a reason those older channels have been around so long. They work. This was the narrative that came on the scene when social media was just gaining popularity. Now that social media marketing is no longer new, we wanted to revisit the conversation of email marketing vs. social media, and explore how they’re different, how they’re similar, and how you can use them together to drive more awareness, engagement, and sales. Email marketing vs. social media: similarities and differences. Email marketing and social media are both fantastic channe..

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Atomic Email Hunter

Atomic Email Hunter Atomic Email Hunter is compatible with any other Atomic program. Enjoy the benefits of quick email search and extract while preparing and...
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