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Find out how to A/B Check your Advertising

“Let’s A/B test that.” You hear it over and over because, according to Steelhouse, A/B testing is the most used testing method for improving conversion rates. And ya know why? Because it works. Obama himself raised an extra $61 million due to A/B testing. You can’t argue with that. And you can’t argue this either: whether you’re writing email subject lines, website copy, or video content, you want the best possible content solution to be the one in front of your prospects. Yeah you do. Which is why we A/B test. A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a marketing experiment that involves comparing two versions of something to determine which one produces better results. Fundamental Components to Any A/B Test This approach to testing content and design attributes has been known to drive some pretty compelling results, but that all assumes one thing: that it’s done correctly. The three keys to running an A/B test (of any sort) that’s accurate and will therefore drive long term re..

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