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Live Event Blaster

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Live Event Blaster Pro

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Live Event Blaster, This product permits you to right away make, plan and live stream many Live Events with the press of 2 catches!
Allow me to clarify some other time how Live Blaster functions…

It will permit you to make and timetable different occasions and transfer a pre-recorded video sometime in the future.
You won’t need to stress over beginning the stream, about being on the web at the time the stream begins.

Live Event Blaster 3

Live Blaster will deal with that! Live Event Blaster 

After you plan your occasion, the product will check your rankings and perspectives! How cool is that!

Reason 1: Multiple Accounts

How might you want to add and work with different records and channels simultaneously?

In the PRO form, you have numerous records uphold! This means, that you can add different records or channels and pick on which channel your occasions should be booked! You will have the option to get moment rankings to all your YouTube accounts!

Reason 2: Campaign Support

How might you want to effortlessly deal with every one of your occasions and live streams?

I’m certain that multi week from now, you will have a ton of Live Events positioning on the main page for your picked search terms and the following sensible advance will be to… SCALE! To do that appropriately, you will require a different mission to uphold! We have you canvassed for that in the PRO form as well!

Live Event Blaster 5

Reason 3: Agency Rights

Begin bringing in cash by offering your YouTube administrations to other people!

How might you want to have the option to offer RANKING administrations to your customers, too?

Truth be told, in the event that you click purchase now, you get organization use, rights notwithstanding. Envision having the option to rank many recordings for your customers… with just 3 ticks… And having the option to charge premium costs for this administration. Constantly, after a seemingly endless amount of time after month… after month!

Features: Live Event Blaster 

• Step 1: Schedule a live event, YouTube will already index the event, giving you higher ratings than the videos …
• Step 2: You start broadcasting your event live. YouTube promotes your event using its internal engine!
• Step 3: When the broadcast is finished, it converts your event into a video … but keeps the original event arrangement!

We’re going to change the way you create – upload – arrange videos on YouTube Find out why the best video marketers are calling this “YouTube’s best weapon.”


Version: 2.02
Operating System: Windows
Price: $99
Home: Marketing Spy

A small note. I know that you will find the program on other sites and for free, but I promise you that they are all not original and inactive can harm your device.


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