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Kindle SPY free download

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Kindle SPY free download

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Kindle SPY Best Amazon Spy Tool – Kindle Engineer’s Unique New” Unlike Software Application. Market and Reveal Profitable Kindle Niches in Seconds!

Reverse engineer categories ‘Bestsellers’ with one click
Browse any category in the Amazon Kindle Market and in the background, Kindle SPY will reverse engineer the best sellers.

When you want to get more information about the Kindle category, just click on Kindle SPY and in just seconds

you’ll know the overview of that category and the potential profits you can make here, along with analyzing the performance of each book separately.


Another click tells you “exactly” what the topic of your next book should be Kindle SPY

Once you collect the data for the category you’re interested in. another click will give you a word cloud that counts all the words their bestsellers use.

What better way to find better outlets and get ideas for your next book designed by what already works with other publishers.

The Kindle SPY app notifies you which outlets are best selling, and even shows you the words to use in your book titles …

Analyze “Niche Potential” with the Kindle Search Results Analysis feature

book idea, why not do some Amazon searches about this niche and add a second layer of confidence before committing.

Do any research on the Amazon Kindle Store and Kindle SPY will inform you instantly of the potential capabilities in this niche.

It is not the fastest to search for niche markets …

Spy on self-published authors and criticize their “best-selling” topics

Have you ever wondered how much money other self-publishing authors make? I wonder no more. Kindle SPY will analyze any author page and tell you in seconds all its stats.

Just one click will tell you about the best rating of all Kindle books, plus estimated sales, monthly revenue, and even total sales revenue for all of their books combined.

Track your competitors’ performance (books) daily for 30 days

make sure that the topic of the book you picked is definitely a winner? Well, just like with the website where you can track the effectiveness of your competitors in the search engines, or monitor their banner ads or their ads,

with Kindle SPY many Kindle e-books as you want with our book tracking feature that pulls a rating Sales of all books are tracked every day and their ranking is shown in chart form.

password: Marketing spy


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