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How to win with Google SEO

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How to win with Google SEO

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Google SEO This guide will walk you through the ‘Quick Start’ steps to take to get you up and running as soon as possible.

STEP 1: Choose An Affiliate Program  

Choose an affiliate program from the King of the Zoo Software

1:Select a program from the King of the Zoo software. You can enter filters to refine your search if you wish but ideally, you should select a top-selling product or one that is moving up in the ‘Score’ ranks.

Also, carry out 10-15 minutes of research on Google to see if there is a demand for the product you are planning to Are there other affiliates promoting it? If so this is a good sign because otherwise, they wouldn’t be promoting it.

Is it a product that is currently popular and in demand for that niche? Look over the sales page to see if it is well written and ask yourself would you buy the product yourself? A well-presented sales page is important in sales conversions.


2:Request Approval

Once you have chosen which product you would like to promote you will need to click on the ‘Request Approval’ link (see image below) – this will take you to the JV Zoo affiliate page for that particular product. Here you will need to sign up as an affiliate for that product.

Some product vendors will accept you automatically others will require you to submit your details first for approval.


Choose an affiliate program from the CB100 Software Google SEO

Select a program from the CB 100 software. Ideally, you should select a product to promote with high gravity and a commission payout of 75%.

A high gravity indicates that affiliates are having success promoting this product so you should always target products with a high gravity score.

You should also aim to select products with at least 75% commission to make it worth your while promoting especially on products that have a lower purchase price.

Again you should check out the sales page for the product to make sure it promotes the benefits of the product and entices a potential buyer to go ahead and make a purchase.

The CB 100 software allows you to search by product or you can filter products by category, gravity, and commission.

In addition, when you log into the software the dashboard displays the current top niches on Clickbank to give you lots of ideas and make your search for a product to promote even easier.


Create your affiliate link Google SEO

Once you have chosen which product you would like to promote you will need to click on the link in the ‘Aff” column which will take you to the sales page for the product.

From here you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the ‘Affiliate’ link to sign up as an affiliate.

Alternatively, if you hover over the link in the ‘Product’ column you will see the affiliate link for the product displayed and all you need to do is replace the ‘xxx’ with your Clickbank affiliate id. So, becomes your


Google SEO Choose an affiliate program from the Launch Pulse software 

The Launch Pulse software is a database of upcoming launches on Clickbank, JVZoo, and WarriorPlus which are happening in the next 30 It also shows you the competition on YouTube and Google SEO so you can work out which are the most profitable affiliate programs to target.

Select an affiliate program that is going to launch in the next few days and has a JV prize of $5K or above since this tells you that it is going to be a BIG launch and is going to do well! You will also need to select low Google SEO results which means that the competition will be low in relation to the size of the launch.

HOW TO PROFIT SEO 5Request Approval

Once you have chosen which product you would like to promote you will need to click on the ‘Request’ button for that product. This will take you to the affiliate sign up page for that particular product.

Here you will need to sign up as an affiliate for that product. Some product vendors will accept you automatically others will require you to submit your details first for approval.

STEP 2: Setup Your Website Google SEO

Next, you will need to set up your website in order to promote your chosen product. This is much easier and quicker than it sounds and is a very important step in the process of promoting a product as an affiliate.

Google SEO no longer likes landing pages with little content. Instead, they prefer to see a complete website with relevant information including pages for privacy terms, contact details, and terms of service.

Back in the day Google SEO accepted ‘landing pages’ with little more than a sign-up form on them but those days have long gone and the only exception to this rule is if a landing page directs to a genuine website full of content.

Unless you already have an existing website in the niche you are promoting you will need to create a website complete with Google’s minimum page requirements we have already mentioned.

Our 1 Click Affiliate software simplifies this whole process for you. It works by building out a template you can use for your website. All you need to do is select the options that you want to include in your affiliate webpage.

Once you have your template you will need to set up your website.

We suggest using WordPress not only because it’s free but also because Google SEO loves WordPress sites since they are easy to read by their robots and therefore more likely to rank faster in the search engines.

It’s important to note that Google is still the number 1 referrer of traffic online so it pays dividends in terms of traffic if you create websites that are compliant with their guidelines.

Go to to download and install a theme of your choice – it is very quick and easy but WordPress will guide you through this process if you are not sure how to do it. Or you can see how to install your theme here.

Next, you will need to choose a domain for your website. Try to choose a domain name that includes your main keyword e.g.,, or

Remember you can also choose a domain with a .net or .org if .com is not available. Ideally, your domain should be between one and three words

Once you have your WordPress theme installed you can copy and paste the template content from 1 Click Affiliate that you created.

STEP 3: Write 3 Articles

The whole aim of adding content in the form of articles to your site is first, to provide interesting informative information that will encourage visitors to stay and read when they arrive on site.

The second, which follows on from the first is to ensure that your site will rank. This is only one factor in getting your site ranked but it is an extremely important one so, for this reason, the more well-written and relevant content you have the better it will be for ranking purposes.

So now your website should be set up and ready for content to be added. Your main homepage should consist of relevant content for your affiliate product.

Here is where you will insert the template headers, intro, and benefits you created earlier for your product from the 1 Click Affiliate software.

The idea is for you to expand this content further into a review of the product you are promoting. Check back to the sales page of the product to get ideas of content you can add if you are not sure what to write about.

You can also Google SEO other reviews of the product that have been written to generate more ideas of content you can write.

Include your main keyword in your content which, if you are writing a product review will most likely be the product name and/or product name review.

Next, you will need to write two more articles related to the niche that provide relevant information. Each of the two articles should focus on a different keyword that is generic to that niche.

For example:

if the product you are promoting is for dog training then you might choose to write one article about dog leashes and one about dog commands.

The aim is to pepper your article with keyword phrases that would naturally be used in this context. By doing this you avoid the problem of ‘keyword stuffing’ which will only land you in trouble with Google.

Again if you feel stuck or don’t have any ideas Google-related articles in that niche and simply take those articles and rewrite them in your own words.

NB. Under no circumstances should you copy content and use it as your own – this is plagiarism and Google will penalize you heavily for it and you certainly won’t rank in the search engines.

As a general rule of thumb, articles should be 500 hundred words and certainly no less than 350 words. The more content you have the better chance you have of a higher ranking in a shorter amount of time.

If you can make your home with your product review in excess of 500 words all the better since this is the main page of your site.

You should also include 1 -3 images in your articles again these will strengthen your search engine rankings.

You can find images that are free to use from Google’s advanced image search here – be sure to select images that can be used for free to share or use commercially.


If you really don’t want to write the articles yourself you can always outsource to a site such as where you can hire a freelancer to write the articles for you at a cost of approximately $5-6 per 500 words article.

Finally, you should aim to add content to your site in the form of an article 1- 2 times per week. This tells Google SEO you’re adding content to your site and keeping it up to date which is another factor in ranking.

STEP 4: Buy Backlinks from Fiverr Google SEO

In its simplest terms, a backlink is an incoming link pointing to your website from another website. If the incoming link is from a high authority website then this will give your site increased ranking power as it adds to the authority of your website.

Backlinks are an important factor in getting your site ranked and therefore you should ideally have backlinks pointing to each of the articles on your website.

The easiest way for you to do this when you’re setting up your website is to go to and actually buy backlinks from one of their providers.

The cost is minimal $5 and as long as you check the feedback score of the provider to make sure it’s high then this is a very quick way to set up backlinks to your site.

Ideally, you will want to search and purchase two types of backlinks: Google SEO

The first will be for PBN (private blog network) – this is where a provider will link back to you on a blog network that he/she has built up.

The second will be for Social Bookmarking where a provider will link back to you from a network of social media sites.


I guess you are confused about where to start but you should watch this

Start here to Google SEO


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