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Cute Web Email Extractor

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Cute Web Email Extractor

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Email Extractor “Cute Web Email Extractor” is the most reliable, fast, and result-oriented email address extractor for online email marketing, mailing list management, website promotion, and search. It extracts email addresses from search engines.

(Such as Bing, Google, Yahoo, Ask, Yandex, Baidu, Mail RU, Rambler, etc.), target websites and local files on the computer. It is a fully manageable and customizable email extractor software.
Cute Web Email Extractor can save extracted email addresses in many formats as. CSV and delimited TAB (.txt files). It allows you to define rule-based search criteria to improve search speed and only list email addresses you actually need from webpages instead of all email addresses thus saving your time. Email Extractor allows you to filter email addresses while saving to file.


Features: Email Extractor

• The program can extract the email addresses of customers.
• Search for the email address by keywords: The program will extract the email addresses.
• URL crawl depth level: Maximum levels below the crawl root page. 
• Multi-topic search: It means the number of operations that will be created to process your search criteria. 

• Improved in-website search: If you know a website where your potential customers are communicating
• Import a site list: There is an opportunity to download the file to the URL list.
• There are three types of searches available.
• crawling to the same site
• Sites linked to crawling.
• Cute Web Email Extractor has a number of options to improve your search results:
• Page-level search filters: The program provides a means to filter search results based on the contents of the page level. 

Next The Control

• You can control the behavior of searching for programs and crawling by providing filters based on the URL.
• Don’t crawl URL restrictions: In settings, you can tell “Cute Web Email Extractor” what types of URLs you should not crawl.
• Email filtering: You can also apply email filters to get your target email addresses.
• Sometimes the computer/programs shut down unexpectedly.
• Define email addresses for each domain: You can set a limit for email addresses for each domain. 

Unicode support 

• Support for our Unicode character set software. 
• Internet Failure Detector: Nice pauses/resumes upon internet failure during processing.
• Save bandwidth and time: to save bandwidth.
• The program provides options to save email addresses in EXCEL format and CSV files. 
• Autosave and Recovery. 
• Much faster than version 1.6.3
• Filtering at the page level
• Extracts non-standard formatted email addresses.
• Customizable crawling behavior as needed.


Version: 1.7.2
Operating System: Windows
Price: $40
Password: Marketing spy

A small note. I know that you will find the program on other sites and for free, but I promise you that they are all not original and inactive can harm your device.



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