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How you can Earn cash From YouTube in 2021

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What if you can make $46,000 per month? And that too on YouTube without opening your mouth. Yes, you heard it right. It is an insanely unique opportunity that you don’t see often.

Moreover, you can do this by just sitting at home or from any corner of the world. Make money with this much ease and then spend it on your vacations. But to make this happen, you need to follow this method step by step.

Before that, let’s have a look at what it is actually about. People use YouTube for various purposes. Not just that but for a unique purpose in terms of creating content.

Many channels on YouTube are making $9-77$K per month with 6.5 million views. You can learn these steps by picking one specific niche, let’s say, driving games for better understanding.


You need to do a lot of things right to make a place and survive in this market. Check out this channel making 200,000 views per day with $200 to 2000k per day. Isn’t that crazy? And if you look at this channel, he is posting thrice in a week. Moreover, the niche is so simple that you can post very easy videos out there.

So, in his videos, he starts off with a car, without speaking anything. As he drives, you will see a steering wheel in the top left corner of the video. That wheel is the game-changer but does not cost much. He is just playing the video game in the whole video without saying anything. Isn’t it too easy? It is actually. And you can hear the engine purring in the video. But of course, there are so many other guys doing the very same thing and making money.

Check out this guy called ‘Ericship111’. He has a total of 90 posts on his channel. With that, he is earning up to $15,000 per month. But the difference between both these guys is that this one is talking in his videos. So we can conclude that talking is not a plus point in this market for making money.

But here you will see very unique videos like ‘9 rare cars you can sell,’ or ‘7 secret glitches or Easter eggs in Forsa horizon’ and these are among the top gaming channels. You see these easy and simple videos will enable you to earn a constant income.

Let’s check another channel called ‘AR12Gaming’ and he is exactly doing the same as the previous guy. He is earning $15 to 137$K per month with 11 million views in the last 30 days. But he has taken this thing to another level. He speaks and shows his face as well. He plays GTA 5 and all other games alike. This guy is more of an entertainer than a gamer.

Out of all, let us now check the best one. It is called ‘Expertgamingtech’. This channel earns $46.7k to 403$K with 34 million views. That too without speaking. Just like other guys he starts driving in a small town and plays the game. This is the simplest content getting so many views.

Let us now understand how to do this step by step for better understanding. Following is the illustration of this easy method.

Step 1: Buy the game

The first step is that you have to go to ‘forzamotorsnet’. You will see a lot of beautiful cars and trucks on this website. What you have to do is click on ‘buy now’. This means that you are buying the game.

Download and install it. The purpose of this is that you need something to show on your screen. You can do it on your pc.

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Step 2: Download the software

If you are doing it on your pc, then this is the second step you have to do. To download it on pc, you have to go to ‘’ and you can download this software for windows or mac. This software will help you in making a video for your channel.

Step 3: Check out racing wheels

You can search for a lot of racing wheels with a variety of price ranges. Also, you can visit to purchase these wheels. For more ease, you can find a wheel with a gearbox. So, this right here is with a gearbox and is for 207 euros. It is not that expensive. You can recover all amounts by just one video if it gets maximum views.

Look at another wheel right here for 269 pounds. This wheel has a shifter and a gearbox.

And the last has the best reviews so far. It is for 359 pounds. The difference is maybe the designs or shifters.

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So once you have the software, wheel, and something to capture your screen, film it and proceed to step four.

Step 4: DaVinci Resolve 17

This software is free for everyone. Over here you can get your audio and video together. Film it and edit from this free software. Simply download this software for free. Post that video with a thumbnail which is the screenshot of your channel and you are good to go.

Note: There are two things that you must keep in your mind while making the videos. The first is to keep the video for over 8 minutes. The reason is that you will get more ads in the video and this will rank it high on algorithms. This will provide you an opportunity to make more money. Secondly, use optimized keywords in the captions for better ranking on YouTube.

Go and follow all these steps and make a lot of money with this weird and easy technique on YouTube and that too without speaking.

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