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Download Soft4 Viber Marketing

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Soft4 Viber everyone in the world can connect for free. Viber number of users more and more, accompanied by tremendous demand in new market segments this potential.
Based on this request, we have completed and provided adware on Viber – the products support users to send advertising messages to all those who use Viber.

Features: Soft4 Viber

Automatically send messages and photos to users
Users automatically filter and call their phone number with Viber
Automatically track the birth of the first available phone number (if you do not have a list of available numbers)
Automatically send a group message to a phone number
Save results on Viber messages when the device is suddenly turned off
Enter your phone number from Excel: You can enter a list of the phone number from a text file or an excel string.
Detailed statistics for the message, message received, and waiting was sent
Automatic stop when the network connection is weak, automatically run upon network stability program
While the program is running it does not affect other activities of the users
Manually change Viber account (this feature is premium version only)
Send a multinational message

Version: 6.3
Operating System: Windows
Price: $125
password: Marketing spy


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