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Bulk SMS from PC

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Bulk SMS from PC

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Bulk SMS from PC – Send free text messages around the world With SMS messages from PC, you can send free text messages from your computer to cell phones. Take advantage of bulk SMS from PC … now! No monthly fees, contracts, no hidden costs. SMS … the new communication method. Becoming new contact devices. The market is ready and you are, are you ready to boom?

Bulk SMS from PC: Send messages from your computer to cell phones. Text messaging has become a new medium of communication. Take advantage of it now … the benefits are incomparable! With text messaging companies, there can be one-on-one interaction with their customers and provide superior service. In the same way, bulk SMS messages were created from the PC. The program allows you to instantly manage and send SMS messages to groups or individuals via your computer connected to the Internet.

SMS messages collected from computer

It is a versatile, powerful, and lightweight program that enables you to create and send an unlimited number of SMS text messages in record time. Text messaging has increased exponentially faster and is now accepted by people in the same way that they view their email, faxes, and even traditional mail. SMS from PC makes it easy for businesses, coworkers, clubs, social organizations, friends, and family to stay in touch via text messages using a simple PC-based app.

Take advantage of the power and simplicity of Bulk SMS messages from PC while customizing every special offer, promotion, or another advertisement you send! Computer SMS Bulk is the professional group mail program you definitely need! Try it, you’ll love it!

Bulk SMS from

Features: Bulk SMS from PC 

• Versatile and lightweight program with heavy commercial capabilities
• Manage and send SMS text messages from your computer easily e-mail
• Send personalized SMS messages with the touch of a button
• No monthly fees, no contracts, no hidden costs
• More cost-effective than a phone call
• Custom template letters
• More immediate than e-mail
• Very secure and private
• Messages are kept on the phone and can be read later
• Communicate with large groups of people instantly
• Send unlimited messages
• Multiple recipients
• SMS messages from the PC are not charged for each message
• Address book
• Manage large phone lists
• Send group messages
• Send a message to as many phone numbers as you want
• Add as many phone numbers as possible
• Phone numbers can be removed at any time.
• Add phone numbers by importing a text file or entering numbers manually
• Powerful integration facility allowing for personalization
• Messages to your full contact database
• Duplicate numbers are removed automatically.
• Ideal for alerts and marketing or simply communicating with employees and customers
• Include merge fields to customize messages
• Create message templates for frequently used messages


Version: 1.7 Professional Edition
Operating System: Windows
Price: $297
Home: Marketing Spy

A small note. I know that you will find the program on other sites and for free, but I promise you that they are all not original and inactive can harm your device.


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