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Amazon Treasure Hunter Free

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Amazon Treasure Hunter Free

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Amazon Treasure Hunter 2.0 is an indispensable tool for any internet marketer as it will help you find keywords that don’t have videos already arranged on the first page of Google ehhh so what ?! Well, if there aren’t any videos on the first page, then you are more likely to be able to rank your videos in the best places and drive a lot of traffic to your sites and offers.

Amazon Treasure Hunter

Download Amazon Treasure Hunter 2.0

This software will get your SEO stuff for your videos done within minutes, so you’ll have your Amazon product review video on G’s page one within 30 minutes ! (WHAT ?)

He has released Amazon Treasure Hunter last year, but in this new version 2.0 he’s added a very nifty new feature.

Amazon Treasure Hunter 2.0 – New Feature

This new module is going to CATAPULT you even further ahead of your competition because this module actually tells you when Amazon adds Brand New products to their site.

One of the biggest secrets to Gaz’s success with Amazon is thinking ahead and being the early bird and finding out about new products before anyone has even had a chance and that is exactly what this software does.

It will show you every time Amazon adds a new product to its site in any category or niche you just do a search and voila you can be the first to start promoting new products that Amazon has just added before the competition even knows about them.

This is EXTREMELY powerful and combined with the other modules of the

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