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Amasuite Free Obtain

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Amasuite The Ultimate Software Toolkit For Affiliates And Sellers On Amazon! Start dominating amazon selling and amazon marketing with Amasuite  software and courses today!

Ama Top Product Analyzer

This powerful software is used to extract and analyze the top 100 categories of Amazon websites in UK and UK! Can’t think of a product to sell on amazon?
No problem, use Amasuite Top Product Analyzer to uncover top performing products that are hidden deep within any subcategory!
Using extremely fast filter technology with customizable opportunity points feature, you can instantly reveal the exact products that you should be selling on Amazon that can make you money!
Works on both computers
Quickly find the most selling products
You can see the data under the best selling books,
Get 200-300 new proxies every day.
Over 67,200 categories integrated into the program for Amazon US & UK combined!
Extract your top 100 lists
Never miss any data with the new included CAPTCHA discovery feature


More data than before!
In this latest release, you get the main overall ranking and the main category for each product! Plus, get product weight, product dimensions, FBA size shipping, and overall widths, plus the product opportunity score!
This allows you to locate hidden ports with great precision! You can now target the low hanging fruit without any competition instead of fighting against the angry marketing lions that dominate the hugely saturated outlets!

Instant searching for
Categories Finding specific subcategories to analyze can take a long time, but with Amasuite Top Product Analyzer you can instantly search over 37,000 built-in categories for any keyword you want!
In just a few seconds, you can search through subcategories that you were not aware of. Stop wasting hours searching through subcategories on Amazon and let the software do it for you super fast!
You can search any of the top 100 categories as often as you like, and there are no category limits!
Currently there are no other software tools that have the ability to search all levels of the Amazon category for all top 100 lists!

Export to interactive HTML reports!

You can now export your top 100 data into interactive HTML reports! These reports are contained in one web file that gives you the ability to sort, display, and search data, right inside the report file!
You can sell the exported HTML report files to your customers. There are thousands of business owners who will pay a lot of money for this type of research data! With the new interactive reporting option, you have another way to earn money using this software!

Extremely fast filter technology!
We have made it very easy to get the exact data you need! To quickly get what you want, use the super-fast click filters at the top of each column!
We’ve incorporated several pre-configured instant filters, helping you uncover the hot affiliate products to promote! You can even save all filters using the “Data Filters” window.
With this feature, you can create your own filters only once, then continue to use the same file filter which will make your search faster.

Get complete control over your data!

In this latest version, we made it easier than ever for you to customize the program to get the data you need!
You can export data files containing your amazon links! Therefore, you can sell or give away the exported data files that contain your affiliate link, which gives you another way to earn money using this software!
You can even change the quick column filters to exactly what you want!
With full control over the opportunity score calculation, you can easily determine the exact products you are looking for.

Instant statistics at your fingertips!
In this new release of both Amasuite Top Product Analyzer and Amasuite Search Analyzer, you can now define which column cells contain numbers, and instantly see stats for specific data!
You can see the values ​​of grouping, mean, minimum and maximum for all selected cells!
This is very useful when trying to find out if the Bestseller category contains profitable products, by seeing the average top seller ranking for the entire category!

Ma search analyzer cracked

Search and analyze more products!
Powerful functioning PC software used to extract and analyze products from Amazon for any given search term.
No problem, Amasuite Search Analyzer has provided an analyzer for you. Simply enter the keyword of your main product and let the program reveal hidden secrets.
Search and extract thousands of keywords targeted Amazon products
Get 200-300 new proxies per day integrated into the software’s new Proxy feature!
Export the data into interactive HTML reports that contain an affiliate link that you can sell!
Over 67,200 categories integrated into the program for Amazon US & UK combined!
Find products with huge discounts quickly, making it easy for you to sell as an affiliate!
You can even use the program to find massive discounts for any product on the entire Amazon Marketplace.

Great layout and easy to use!
This program has a beautiful design that gives you a simple control interface. It’s as simple as entering your keyword and clicking a button
To help you find these “hidden” pieces, use the price range, average customer rating, and product discount features! Pull out all the important data you need in one fell swoop!

New column features!
In this release of Amasuite  you have more control over which columns you want to see! Select which column data you want to easily show or hide using the easy-to-access Columns button.
Plus, you can now move columns wherever you want them to be! You want to see the opportunity score or master class rank first, no problem, just drag and drop the columns wherever you want!

New proxy features!
For “heavy” users, in this release of Amasuite , you have the new option to use Internet proxies while you extract thousands of data points from Amazon simultaneously. You can also get daily new proxies delivered directly to the program! Yes, every day you can download new new agents delivered from our Amasuite servers.

Additionally, you can download several thousand free proxies from several online sources created directly inside the program. There is no need to use other proxy software, just point and click you’ll get 2000 agents instantly! Plus, use the built-in proxy checker to check all proxy servers without using third-party software tools!

Powerful stats with one click!

You can use the built-in statistics tool that allows you to instantly see the specified, average, maximum, and exact cell values ​​in any column with numerical data!
This is very powerful in Amasuite Search Analyzer.

For example, suppose you are trying to figure out which keywords to include in your product listings, so that your product appears on the first page of Amazon search results for your keyword.

Simply, enter the keyword in Amasuite Search Analyzer, select only one page to extract, then look at the average main ranking of all products on the first page.

If the average Home Rank is not high, you have a chance to put your product on the first page of search results, which means you can have a large number of daily sales of your products!

Amasuite Keyword Generator

Powerful PC software extracts the exact keywords people are searching for right now using four of the world’s major online e-commerce sites!
Using the right keywords in your marketing as an Amazon seller or affiliate can greatly increase your traffic and product sales!

Discover hundreds of keywords with hidden gold nuggets that no one knows!
Increase your product ranking quickly by including your best trending search words.
Enter multiple primary keywords to create massive keyword lists of thousands.
Use the instant search feature that allows you to find what you need as you type!

Get instant keyword trends
We’ve integrated a feature that shows Google Insights for every keyword phrase! Simply double-click on any keyword and Google Insights data appears.

So, you can quickly sort your keyword lists by ranking and discover the best keyword opportunities on Amazon right now!

Keyword Ranking Score
Instantly see your keyword score searched top-searched phrases!
This result gives you a measure of keyword popularity based on the keyword’s average position that appears in specific ecommerce search suggestions.

Look into the “minds” of your customers by revealing the exact keywords they search for when purchasing products on Amazon, eBay, Target, and Walmart!

Amasuite Review Analyzer

This all-new powerful software helps you unlock the best private label product ideas as an Amazon seller!
The ability to come up with hundreds of private branded product ideas to sell on Amazon.
Save HOURS time searching through thousands of reviews for hidden gold!
Extract reviews based on specific star rating, most positive, or most significant!
Integrated stop word database and instant preview feature!
Extract all submitted reviews via verified purchases only
the most helpful product reviews or as per the most recent reviews submitted

Amasuite Sync WordPress Plugin v1.0.4

This program is a WordPress plugin that is used to pull product data from the Amazon API system to display affiliate products on your WordPress site. You can use Amasuite Top Product Analyzer and Amasuite Search Analyzer to create a list of products that you want to promote on your WordPress site, save those products to an ASIN file, and then simply import those products into the Amasuite Sync plugin to quickly deliver the products to your site. This software is designed to work in conjunction with our Amasuite Suite software.

password: Marketing spy


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