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10 Graphic Design Tendencies in 2021

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design trends The folks at Logaster are joining us for our first edition of “Learn from” in 2021! Logaster is an online brand identity builder that has helped 9 million small businesses with their brand identity. Today, Dmytro Leiba, Logaster’s marketing manager, is sharing with us 2021’s design trends. Stay tuned!

2020 has undoubtedly influenced graphic design trends. Many processes went online due to restrictions caused by the lockdown. Simplicity, efficiency, and convenience have become even more relevant. We tried to estimate the possible requirements for the development of graphic elements for brands, apps, and websites in 2021.

Abstractness: design

Smooth lines and clear forms became a part of history. Instead, the trend is abstract details that contrast with the strict corporate design and invariably attract attention. This is especially important if the designer faces the task of creating a visual composition, the message of which will be unusual, but at the same time understandable to most viewers.



This trend is not new. However, it is developing rapidly, following modern technological innovation and the growth of software capabilities. Complex and multifunctional software, an increase in the speed of the Internet connection, and the development of augmented and virtual reality technologies contribute to the development of the trend.

What’s next? Design is likely to move towards extremely realistic visuals in 2021. So natural that the viewer would like to touch them with their hands. Thus, the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds will be blurred.

Therefore, three-dimensional visual effects will become even more effective. They may even dominate among other graphic elements and attract the main attention.

The trend is influenced by the current popular trend of combining photos and illustrations. The best 3D designers experiment with combining 3D objects and flat illustrations or pictures. Some of them diversify it with animation, which maximizes the viewer’s attention.

The more a visual element attracts a person, the lower the bounce rate (in terms of site design details) is. In any case, a good design holds the attention and can influence a positive decision of a potential visitor or customer.


Emoji design

Emoji gave designers an opportunity to diversify their work with emotions. In some cases, these details can become the main part of the visual message. Moreover, if earlier it was appropriate to use emoji in content intended for social networks, now the range of their use is expanding. People are used to these symbols. If there is a need to cheer up or emphasize a certain emotion, designers know what to do.

Given this, we can safely assume that emoji will be used more often in 2021. Perhaps the emphasis will be on creativity and experimentation with emoticons. Try different emoji styles and techniques. There is no need to be afraid to use them where it was previously considered unacceptable. People know emoji well, and many cannot imagine convenient communication without them. Take advantage of this by delivering a simple and modern presentation of visual products.


Comics and pop art

Many people will say: “This is a design from the distant past!” It is quite right. However, this does not mean that it has gone into the unknown forever. Designers experimented with rich inks, grainy images, and vintage comic book styles in 2020. This will continue in 2021.

The active development of comics fell on the era of primitive printing technologies when it was impossible to reflect the full-color range of drawings. Spot shading is mostly styling right now, but it offers a lot of room for experimentation. Especially when you consider the modern trend for minimalism. Therefore flat drawings with a grainy texture are quite appropriate.

The style of comics also does not lose popularity. On the contrary, new superheroes have appeared in the world, and you can draw picture stories about them. These are the doctors who are fighting the pandemic around the world. There may be new sources of inspiration and new heroes in 2021.


Custom color combinations and blur effects

The trend for using bright gradients began in 2020. The trend will be relevant next year as well. You can analyze the work of modern designers and see that they are increasingly using blur effects and adding “noise” to their work. This, together with custom color combinations, makes it possible to create the most attractive typography and other design elements.


Monochrome images design

Minimalism, which is popular now, can be used not only when developing forms, but also when choosing a color scheme. Use a monochrome color scheme to create eye-catching visuals. Black and white details work well with the text, as well as images, symbols, and graphics.


Geometric shapes

The beginning of this trend can be seen in the designers’ works in 2020 and even earlier. However, it is most likely that the maximum trend will manifest itself in 2021. The essence of the idea is to use separate forms to develop more complex and larger ones. It is a combination of solids and large blocks with vibrant outlines and colors.

The trend may develop in two directions. The first is the use of 3D geometric shapes. Next year, designers should learn how to combine the laconicism of blocky design with the shadows, depths, and gradients typical for 3D images. In this direction, there are a lot of opportunities for creativity and experimentation.


The second trend is the use of simple geometric shapes in design. Using laconic shapes, you can create something bright and memorable. It is a separate art form that will be one of the most popular in 2021. Experiment with simple flat shapes and don’t be afraid to add abstract detail.


Optical illusions

This is a kind of “bait” for the viewer. What does a person do when they see something incomprehensible that does not fit into the framework of the standard understanding? They will take some time to solve the visual puzzle. This is much better than the usual “quick” look at standard visuals.

An attention-grabbing design will attract visitors and “make” them spend more time on your site. It can be assumed that in 2021, designers will use optical illusions everywhere since many classical methods of retaining attention have almost played themselves out. If your brand is based on ideas of spirituality, differences from others, and movement, you can experiment with this direction. Even if it isn’t, optical illusions will help you stand out and create a wow factor.

Visual elements with encrypted riddles are especially useful. The longer you look at them, the deeper you go into the essence. It is a wonderful method to attract the viewer and lead them along. Of course, everything should be used in moderation. Complex details are not always appropriate: they can be confusing and distracting.


Traditional vintage fonts

The popularity of elegant vintage fonts is growing steadily. The tradition of creating new fonts in this style will continue in 2021. However, some of them are universal. For example, Glamor Absolute will be appropriate for many projects. It and other options add a pleasant old-fashioned effect to modern design. Vintage fonts go hand in hand with vintage color palettes.


Nature-inspired design

The trend of natural, organic design has been developing over the last 10 years. Moreover, it has developed separately from the main trends. It is about the imitation of natural textures, natural lighting, natural colors and gradients, and smooth lines. 2021 will give a new breath to the nature-inspired graphic design trend. It corresponds to fashionable minimalism as much as possible.

The pandemic has forced humanity to pay attention to nature. People, who didn’t have the opportunity to go out for a long time, really wanted to walk and devote their time to watching nature. People miss picnics and country walks, weekends on the beach… Not surprisingly, design trends have responded to this need in their own way.



Many of the 2021 trends began to emerge a long time ago. The changes that have affected our world have influenced their development. For example, a slowly developing “natural” trend has become one of the most popular. It is worth analyzing all the options and creating a modern design that will provide the maximum response from the audience.

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